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Pro-Kaks Domestic Services is an Oulu-based company that provides high-quality cleaning services for homes and businesses. Pro-Kaks is an everyday helper that also offers errands and assistance services, food services and laundry services for rugs and bed linen. We are a reliable operator, as evidenced by our quality certificate for domestic services.

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Cleaning Services

A complete cleaning package for your home

Regular home cleaning is our best-selling service. Our cleaner visits 2–3 times a month and the visit includes, in addition to maintenance cleaning, bed maintenance.

Seasonal jobs, such as window and sauna cleaning, are included in the package. On the first visit we perform a general cleaning, and after that we continue with maintenance cleaning.

General cleaning

General cleaning is a deep clean where we systematically go through all the home surfaces from top to bottom. The regular home cleaning package combines maintenance and general cleaning services.

Home maintenance cleaning

The purpose of maintenance cleaning is to keep the level of cleanliness achieved by general cleaning. Maintenance cleaning is also known as weekly cleaning and, based on the agreement, they are performed 1–4 times per month. 

Maintenance cleaning can include things such as:

During maintenance cleaning, we also pay attention to the “invisible” spots in your home, such as bin cabinets and drains.

Washing windows and balcony glasses

When washing windows, we also wash the blinds, frames and window sills. If necessary, we air or change the curtains and put them in place.

Moving cleaning

When you are moving, we perform a thorough cleaning of both your old and new home. Keeping your home clean is made easier through the annual schedule which you can determine yourself.

Special cleanings and additional services

Pro-Kaks Domestic Services offers assistance for when your own resources are not enough to clean your space or surfaces. We can take care of special cleaning and disinfections, as well as the removal of unpleasant odors (e.g., cigarette smells) from apartments through ozonisation. Our special cleaning services include final cleaning of apartments as well as emptying excess belongings when the customer struggles with life management due to physical or mental illness. In such cases, we can also go grocery shopping for you if needed. We are a service provider of monthly cleaning services in Pohde.

Note: We do not offer cleaning services after a death.

Do not hesitate to ask more about our home cleaning services by email at annukka.kaariainen@prokaks.fi or call +358 440 861 120. 

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